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What the...?

Dynarch Chess is an online chess game which allows you to play chess form your browser. You can play and chat with other online users, or play against Crafty if there are any bots available. If you register a permanent account, your games will be saved and you can review them anytime.



This game is functional with IE6 but it won't look as good as in a modern browser.

Flash player: version 8 or later (if you're not sure that you have it, you probably have it). If you use Firefox with Flashblock, you will have to whitelist this website (in Firefox, open Tools » Add ons » Flashblock » Preferences and add to the whitelist).

Do I need an account?

It's not a requirement, you can play without a registered account. However, you should register your account because:

  • all your games will be saved into the database and you can review them anytime;
  • your preferences can be permanently saved;
  • you ensure that no one else will use your user ID to play;
  • other features that we plan to implement in the future will rely on confirmed accounts;
  • it's ALL FREE. ;-)

How do I enter?

If you already have an account, you just enter it and your password in the “Login” area. Otherwise, write an user ID that you prefer in the second form and you can instantly enter the game. You can register your account then.

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