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Dynarch Chess

An online chess game by Dynarch.com.
© Dynarch.com 2007-2008. All rights reserved.

Written in JavaScript.
Powered by DynarchLIB.

Welcome to Dynarch Chess!

Your account is not registered. It will be destroyed as soon as you disconnect. In order to keep it, please click “Register account” in the sidebar and enter an email address. It's ALL FREE — we only require an email address to prevent automated registrations and such.

Some information

After you register your account, all your games will be recorded into our database and you can come back any time to review and/or print them.

To start a new game, press “new game”. You have to option to play to a random user (you will have to wait if no one else is looking to play a game), or chose your opponent if you know the user ID. You can also play against Crafty if there are any bots available.

To cancel a game, close the game dialog during the first two moves. After that, the only way to stop a game is by winning, losing, or draw.

You can pause a game, upon agreement with your opponent. A game will also be paused automatically if you or your opponent are disconnected. Paused games don't resume automatically, but you can review them any time and resume if your opponent is online and agrees. They will be listed on the right bar under the “Active games” heading.

Paused games are cancelled automatically by the server after 4 days of inactivity.

You can play simultaneous games if you want—the “new game” button will work even if you're already playing a game.

Crafty bots

Crafty is an extremely strong chess engine developed by professor Robert M. Hyatt. Crafty is free and open-source and we integrated it into Dynarch Chess via some “Crafty bots”—we will try to keep as many as possible around, but they don't run on the Dynarch Chess server. They are logged in, just like you, and run on various machines scattered around the network. They're still experimental and there are a lot of features we plan to add (including making them play against each other).

About and credits

This game is developed in JavaScript using a powerful AJAX toolkit.

Author: Mihai Bazon
Copyright © Dynarch.com 2007-2008

The following great free software has been used for the development of this game (listed in no particular order):

Dynarch Chess is using icons from the Nuvola KDE Theme. Nuvola is released under the GNU LGPL. All sounds are from the standard KDE sound theme.

This game is dedicated to my father, Vlad Bazon, chess Candidate Master and professor of maths and computer science. Thank you for teaching me all you did!

Your browser is badly out of date!

This application will work with Internet Explorer 6 but it looks poor because of various browser bugs. This browser is practically unmaintained for years.

For the best experience with Dynarch Chess, we recommend you to install one of the following alternative browsers:

However, if you feel masochistic, you can continue to play Dynarch Chess using Internet Explorer 6.

Flash 8 is required

This dialog will disappear automatically when your browser connects to the chess server. If it doesn't disappear, it's probably because the Flash player plugin is not installed, or you're using a Flash blocker.

If you're using the Flashblock plugin for Firefox, please open Tools / Add ons / Flashblock Preferences and enter this site (i.e. “chess.dynarch.com”) in the whitelist, and refresh the page.

Note that you will not see a button to enable Flash, like Flashblock usually does, because the Flash plugin we're using on this game is invisible (it's just used for backend connection).